The Mission, Vision, and Values of the Nyaho Medical Centre

Our Mission

To transform the lives of patients by surpassing expectations in healthcare, inspiring hope for a better Africa.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s most trusted name in healthcare.

Our Values

1. Patient & Family Centred Care

Patients and their families are the reason we exist and we intentionally keep them central and at the foundation of all our decision making and strategies. We aim to serve with empathy and design solutions that are aligned and effective.

2. Professionalism

We honour our patients by bringing our very best to our work. We continually develop our skills and are open, honest and respectful to our patients and colleagues.

3. Sustainability & Innovation

We embrace change, create and innovate for long term relevance and sustainability

4. Commitment & Accountability

We are disciplined in thought and in action and work to exceed the expectations of our patients. We are accountable and take responsibility for our actions.

5. Quality Care

We are committed to ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes in a sage and healing environment for ease of mind and a positive patient experience

6. Teamwork

We work collaboratively to enable shared learning and a holistic approach to our delivery of healthcare solutions specific to the needs of the patient.