Providing Better Care with the New Nyaho Medical Centre Website

The new Nyaho Medical Centre website features a new look as well as many enhanced capabilities.

We're excited to unveil a brand new website for the Nyaho Medical Centre, in line with a comprehensive rebrand.

Beyond the new look, the website features a host of enhanced features aimed at providing better care to current as well as prospective patients.

1. Request an appointment online

Visitors can now request an appointment with any of our specialist clinics through our secure, and confidential online form.

Screen Shot 2017 02 19 At 5 48 44 Pm

2. Brand new, informative Medical Services Pages

Our brand new Medical Service Pages provide lots of information about Medical Services on offer at Nyaho, including Clinical Hours and Frequently Asked Questions. From Endoscopy to 

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3. Introducing Livechat

Visitors can already reach us by phone and email. In addition to these contact methods, we're excited to introduce livechat, a way for anyone to reach out to the Nyaho Medical Centre quickly and anonymously via the website. 

The livechat feature is accessible on every single page of the website, and is accessible regardless of whether you're viewing the site on a phone or a PC.

Simply tap the blue icon at the bottom right of the screen to try livechat for yourself.

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4. Mobile Responsive

Unlike the old website, our new website is mobile responsive which means that it will now resize to fit the screen of any device. This now makes it a lot easier for anyone to find information from the Nyaho website on their phones and tablets, while on the move.

Coming Soon

There're also a host of enhancements that will be launching throughout the month of February including:

1. Healthy Living Magazine: this is a brand new digital magazine with deep insights from Nyaho's medical  team about caring for the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit. Subscribe here to find out when it launches.

2. Resource Pages: this page will contain downloadable resource eBooks and automated lessons on different topics, from "Intro to Health Insurance" to "Symptoms of HIV"

3. Client Pages: These will be specialized pages with information specific to different target groups. For example, the Families Client page but link to a resource that would be useful to young parents, while the Corporates Client page might explain specialized services Nyaho offers to larger organizations.

These enhancements will go live throughout the month of February so stay tuned for future announcements from Nyaho.