Gone KETO Yet?

Ketosis is the process where your body switches from using carbohydrates source of energy to fat. 

Bambie Bamfo

Bambie Bamfo

Health and Wellness Coordinator

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It is surprising how trends and fads come and go. Back in the 90s I remember eating FAT was the devil, it was the era of fat free and eat carbs galore. NO FAT foods were the way to GO! Our refrigerators, shop shelves, cabinet were stocked with non-fat this, low-fat that. Well, apparently, we, as a society seem to have short memory and didn’t learn from that extreme. Now, we are going on this new crazy binge. 

Ketogenic lifestyle. Preaching that fat is no longer bad. Eat as much fat as you want and you sure will lose the weights.

The popularity of keto (Ketogenic lifestyle) is growing, originally devised as a tool for controlling epileptic seizures is now being adopted as a weight loss plan. Ketosis is the process where your body switches from using carbohydrates source of energy to fat. So basically your body will be using fat as the energy base to lose weight. One embarking on this journey will need to cut out carbs and replace with fatty foods. The carbs sacrificed are complex and simple carbs. Complex carbs are the rice, potatoes, beans, fruits and even some vegetables, where the simple carbs are found in soda and sweets. Basically you will need to eat 70% fat 10 – 15% protein and 0-5% carbs. The main reason why the ketogenic diet has gotten so popular is because it works. Ketogenic Diet have been demonstrated to be a very efficient tool in clinic for many conditions including obesity and scientific grounding than most fad diets.

What is the long term viability of this process? I ask myself. Is this diet a practical long-term solution to weight loss or just good enough for a quick fix? Here I have my doubts. People tend to not want to eat meats, oils, butter, cheeses, and creams that all the time leading to a very quick drop-off rate with this diet due to the fact that they can’t sustain it.”

The keto diet requires one to remain in a state of ketosis, there’s very little margin for error. Let’s say you are fired up in the ketosis range from Monday to Friday you have been disciplined killing it only to lose your guard on Saturday night by going buck-wild and having a high intake of carbs.  You have easily knocked yourself out of ketosis, and it’s very hard to get back in.

Putting ourselves on a pendulum which keeps swinging back and forth is clearly not a solution but a recipe for disaster. Ketosis is nearly impossible to maintain. I’ve known people doing it for epilepsy and it is no fun trying to force butter into a kid who’s sick of it for the 14th straight day, let alone the 14th month. Like any other weight loss fad, as soon as you stop, your body goes back to where it wants to be.

The bottom line is, keto diet can be an effective way to lose weight relatively, but not something I will advise, let alone recommend, for a lifelong eating plan. “Carbs (the food group demonized by devout keto followers) are not bad for you, it all about choosing the right carbs and in moderation. Am an African and sure need my complex carbs. It is in my blood… and don’t even get me started on my asana the ‘corn wine’, I need that too.

There is something positive to take from this keto HYPE.

  • There are certainly some carbs that we could do without. The cakes, the cookies, the pastries, the sweets, and soda- The Keto Diet eliminates this- we can adopt this.
  • There’s not a single person in the world that wouldn’t benefit from more vegetables, let try eat more vegetables.
  • Being on a diet makes you think about what you putting in your mouth thus raises conscious awareness - The best diet that works is the one you stick with.

Let’s put a stop to this swinging pendulum and start educating ourselves. There is NOTHING like one size fits all in life. Don’t screw with your metabolism to begin with, eat healthy, moderate portions, exercise regularly, and you’ll be fine. Consistency is the key to unlocking your weight loss magic. Mindful eating is a healthy habit let try and adapt that.