5 common questions about plastic surgery in Ghana

Everything you wanted to know about getting plastic surgery in Ghana, but were afraid to ask!

Dr. Kwame Darko

Dr. Kwame Darko

Reconstructive & Plastic Surgeon, Nyaho Medical Surgeon

As the plastic surgeon at the Nyaho Medical Centre, I get a lot of questions about plastic surgery. Here're some of the questions I get asked most frequently.

1. What is plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery is derived from the Greek word “Plastikos,” which means to shape or mould. So plastic surgery is a practice where different parts are moulded or re-shaped on the body.

It is a term most people use to describe cosmetic surgery, in which some part of the body is reshaped purely for aesthetic reasons. Plastic surgery cuts across a wide spectrum of procedures that may span from congenital to trauma to cosmetic surgery and burns.

2. Where can I go to have plastic surgery done in Ghana?

Nurse at Nyaho Medical Centre

There are currently 12 plastic surgeons in Ghana, who offer a wide spectrum of different types of plastic surgery ranging from Congenital, Hand, Breast, Cancer care Burns management, and Cosmetic surgery.

They can be found in the major teaching hospitals in the country, Korle Bu, Komfo Anokye, Cape Coast and 37 Military Hospitals.

They can also be found in some private facilities, including Nyaho Medical Centre.

3. Is plastic surgery expensive?

Any surgical procedure has numerous factors that determine its cost, including,   

  • Which medical facility the procedure is being done
  • Whether the procedure requires general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia
  • Whether you need to spend some time on admission 

The complexity and duration of the procedure are also major factors that determines the cost.

Costs may vary from as little as GHC 500 to as much as GHC 40,000, depending on all the factors listed above.

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4. Do you use or place plastic material on or in the body when doing plastic surgery?

Conventional plastic is not used in plastic surgery. Materials that may go to enhance some part of the body permanently or be used to temporarily maintain the changes created by the surgeon are used, the most common being silicone.

5. How long does it take to become a plastic surgeon?

After one has completed medical school and served 2 years as a house officer, it takes a minimum of 6 years, once you start specializing, to become a plastic surgeon.

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The plastic and reconstructive clinic at the Nyaho Medical Centre specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery, hand surgery, and reconstructive surgery (repairs of post-traumatic and post-operative defects).

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