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Introducing a new online resource for Ghana-relevant health tips, brought to you by Nyaho Medical Centre.

Dr. Elikem Tamaklo

Dr. Elikem Tamaklo

Managing Director, Nyaho Medical Centre

Earlier this year, Nyaho Medical Centre embarked on a campaign to rethink what it means to be a modern hospital in Ghana. That campaign included a rebrand of our health centre, as well as numerous conversations with current and former patients.

During these conversations, one thing we heard often was that people generally felt uninformed when it came to healthcare. Much of the information they found online was meant for foreign audiences, and they wished there was a place they could find accurate, locally-relevant content about living long, productive lives.

My team at Nyaho Medical Centre is excited to introduce just such a resource.

Introducing Healthy Living Magazine

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Nyaho Medical Centre is excited to bring to you Healthy Living Magazine, an online resource about living well in Ghana.

This magazine will offer original locally-relevant content, brought to you by the world-class professionals at Nyaho Medical Centre, as well as our network of friends and domain experts.

There are four main sections:

Food - Ghanaian food is known for being heavy on starch and oil, which can make it a little tricky for health-conscious eaters. In this section, you’ll discover the best local foods to eat (or avoid) depending on your condition, tips for cooking old favourites in new ways, and advice about how to ensure that you’re putting the very best into your body.

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Body - This section will focus on fitness, diseases, and advice on keeping your physical “machine” fine-tuned and performing at peak performance for a long time.

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Mind -  An unquiet mind is as detrimental to a person as physical harm. Living well requires taking care of the whole person, which is why some articles on Healthy Living will focus on caring for the mind. Expect stories about mental health, forging healthy relationships, and about finding balance and calm in these frantic times.

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Soul - Thankfulness, gratitude, mindfulness. These are the hallmarks of a healthy inner life, which is why some articles on Healthy Living Magazine will explore these topics.

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Is there a topic you'd like us to cover? Let us know!

We want Healthy Living Magazine to be as useful to you as possible. If there’s a topic you’ve been curious about, that you’d like us to cover, kindly submit it to us here, and we might do an entire article on that topic!

Contribute to Healthy Living Magazine

We welcome guest submissions to Healthy Living Magazine from domain experts. If you’re interested in contributing to the Magazine, kindly send an email to Head of Corporate Affairs, Ruth Maafo, at rmaafo@nyahomedical.com.

Please include the following:

  • A brief 2 to 5 sentence summary of the idea for the article
  • A brief 2 to 5 sentence bio, explaining why you’re well positioned to write on the topic of the article

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My team and I at the Nyaho Medical Centre are excited to bring this resource to you, and we look forward to serving your needs in even more ways.

Warm regards,

Dr. Elikem Tamaklo
MD, Nyaho Medical Centre