Diagnostic Services at the Nyaho Medical Centre

We care about accurate, timely and meaningful results to aid clinicians in making the best decisions for your health.

Our diagnostic services are very comprehensive and ensure that all major clinical investigative procedures in the centre conform to internationally accepted standards.

Diagnostic and prognostic assistance through advisory services is given to physicians by our team of Biomedical Scientists/Medical Laboratory Scientists, Radiographers and Specialists (Pathologists, Radiologists & Haematologists) in order to properly manage the most difficult clinical conditions.

This unit comprises of the Laboratory and Radiology departments.



The Laboratory department has several units that work together to provide the best in investigative medicine. These include:

  • General Haematology
  • Special Haematology (Coagulative haematology, Haemoglobin studies, Iron Studies, Transfusion Medicine, Enzymatic studies) 
  • Clinical Microbiology (Bacteriology, Parasitology, Virology,  Mycology)
  • Immunology     
  • Histopathology          
  • Chemical Pathology (General Clinical Chemistry)
  • Special Chemical Pathology (Endocrinological Studies)

The Laboratory Department employs highly sophisticated equipment with high throughput turnover, in order to accurately determine clinical parameters required by our clinicians. All general clinical laboratory tests are performed in-house. 

As a National Laboratory guideline, specific laboratory tests are sent to local partners such as Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, the major referral centre in Ghana, and through our partners to our referral laboratories, uniquely identified with the best international standards outside the country if required. 

All kits and reagents used are taken through the highest standards of quality control and quality assurance. 

Turnaround times are key in enabling a timely response and rapid treatment which is the hallmark for Nyaho Medical Centre. 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year, the Diagnostic Centre is open to OPD patients as well as walk-in clients who have requests from other health facilities. Client confidentiality is our major hallmark.   

Call the laboratory reception on +233 (0)20 538 9468 or reach us via email lab@nyahomedical.com


1. CT (Computed Tomography): Our new 16-slice CT scan comes with lower-radiation dose emissions for patients’ safety whilst giving high quality, precise images for diagnosis.

CT scanning is often the best method for detecting different cancers since the images allows your doctor to confirm the presence of a tumor and determine its size and location. CT scanning is a fast radiological procedure, painless, non-invasive and accurate. In emergency cases, it can reveal internal injuries and bleeding early enough to save lives.

CT scans are performed 24x7 and reports are usually available within 24 hrs.

Images obtained can be saved on an electronic medium (cd/dvd) for later analysis. These images can also be transferred (networked) to an alternative destination for remote diagnosis.

2. 3D/4D Ultrasound Scan: Our 3D/4D ultrasound scan provides diagnostic services in obstetrics, gynecology and general abdominal surgical cases. 3D imaging allows the Doctor to view a patient’s internal anatomy and fetal structures (for expectant mothers) as static 3D images while 4D also allows us to study the motion of various moving organs in the body in real-time.

Advantages of our 3D/4D ultrasound scan:

  • Patients receive appropriate treatment based on the thorough evaluation and assessment of the internal organs including fetal structures.
  • Patients go through a shorter time for diagnosis and fetal heart screening
  • For expectant mothers, the 4D scan encourages healthier behavior during pregnancy as a result of seeing the baby in real-time; enhancing parental bonding with baby before birth.

Ultrasound imaging is performed from 2.00pm – 5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays the service is available from 10am – 2pm. There is always an exception for medical emergencies requiring an ultrasound scan.

3. Digital X-ray: 24 hours a day, the department performs digital imaging through the use of the GE/AGFA Digital X-ray.

  • The process is faster, reducing patient waiting time
  • The X-ray images can be saved on a CD/DVD for later analysis

4. C-ARM: Our C-Arm aids surgeons during procedures to ensure accuracy and precision to avoid exploratory surgery. For the patient, this means a reduced site of incision and faster surgical wound healing. It also means the patient has a relatively shorter hospitalization period post-surgery. 

5. Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS): Our Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) enables doctors to view all images captured via our diagnostic technology in the consulting room. This way the Doctor is able to provide  patient with better healthcare information and advice.

Nyaho Medical Centre’s radiology imaging systems offers patients the option of either saving images obtained either on cd/dvd for later analysis, or transferring the image data to different locations worldwide for remote diagnosis.