Family Practice Clinic at the Nyaho Medical Centre

Nyaho Medical Centre has introduced the Family Practice to cater for patients and their families who require continuity of care and round-the-clock access to Family Doctors (also referred to as your Family Physician).

A Family Doctor is one who has a post graduate training in family medicine and specializes in your holistic care regardless of your age, sex or type of disease in the context of your family.

In addition to managing new onset and chronic ailments, your Family Doctor offers routine health screenings and counselling on adopting a healthier lifestyle to reduce the occurrence of preventable illnesses like hypertension and diabetes in the long run.

When you need care from other Specialists, your Family Doctor will be there to guide and coordinate all aspects of your care. In a nutshell, your Family Doctor provides you a closer relationship than you may have with a regular GP. The Family Doctor works together with patients to achieve the best possible outcome using the most cost-effective means. 

Clinic Schedule

Day Time (all times GMT) Doctor
Mondays to Fridays 8 AM to 5 PM Family Doctor on Duty


Introducing the Nyaho Family Practice

Often times, patients visiting the hospital will be assigned to a General Practitioner (GP) who’ll take care of the patient from diagnosis to treatment. In some cases, depending on the time of day, the patient may be seen by one GP initially and finish off by seeing a different GP who may have taken over the next shift.

Other patients who may come in as a Family to see a GP on their initial visit, may see several other GPs on their subsequent visits. This sometimes creates an inconvenience for patients and their families who prefer seeing a particular doctor each time they visit. This is where your Family Doctor comes in.

Who needs a Family Doctor?

Both existing and new patients are welcome to access the Nyaho Family Practice. For individuals and corporate executives whose families access the Centre and would prefer a consolidated approach to their healthcare needs, the Family Practice presents a perfect solution. The foundation of Family Practice is an ongoing, personalized patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care.

Family Doctors are dedicated to treating the person as a whole. They treat all organs, every disease, at all ages and both genders. 

What are the benefits of having a Family Doctor?

Family Doctors know the key to maintaining long-term good health. This professional relationship spans many years. You will have access to your Family Doctor by mobile phone and email to improve your reach within and outside working hours.

Family Doctors help you stay healthy with an individualized plan of care. To develop your personal treatment plan, your Family Doctor will ask questions about your family health history and lifestyle to determine your health risk factors.

Research shows that people who have an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician (Family Doctors) have better overall health outcomes, lower death rates and lower total costs of care.

How do I sign up for a Family Doctor?

It’s easy.

You do not need to fall ill before you access the Family Practice.

Speak to any member of our Front Desk Team.

Mention that you would like to sign up for a Family Doctor for yourself and/or your family and they’ll be happy to assist.

03 11 16 Nyaho Clinic Website Shoot Day3 0140

Frequently Asked Questions (General)

1. This is my first visit. What should I do?

Speak to any of our front desk personnel and let them know this is your first time at Nyaho Medical Centre. You will be required to fill a registration form and submit form to front desk personnel. On the form you will be required to indicate the mode of payment whether as cash or on credit based on insurance or employer coverage. After registration you will be provided with a hospital identification number which will be indicated on your NMC card. You will be required to make a payment first.

2. How do I schedule a medical appointment with a specialist at Nyaho Medical Centre?

Please call us on +233-(0)30-708-6490 or +233-(0)50-143-6662 to schedule your appointment. We are open 24 hours a day. You can also email us at or with your details and requests and our customer service team will get back to you.

If you are planning to visit Nyaho Medical Centre for the first time, please provide your full name, place, contact number and the name of the Department/Doctor you wish to get an appointment with.

If you are coming for a review, please provide the hospital number on your hospital ID card/Discharge summary.

3. I have already taken an appointment via Phone/Online, where should I report when I get to the Hospital?

Please carry your hospital card provided to you during your first registration or at least your hospital number whenever you visit NMC. Please approach any Front Desk personnel who will then guide you further. If you do not remember your Hospital Number, then please provide the answers to the queries asked by the front office staff who will then retrieve your Number. However, do not register again and obtain a new registration number.

4. If I am a Foreign National is there any separate registration formality?

No there is not a separate registration formality if you are a foreign nationality. You will however need to make sure you have all your necessary referral forms (where applicable), preauthorizations and insurance documents to aid in the registration process.

5. Should I fill in separate registration forms for each department/specialist that I choose to consult?

No, you will be provided with a Hospital ID card during your first registration. The number printed on this ID card will be applicable for all consultations/investigations irrespective of the doctor, at all times.

6. Is there credit/debit card payment facility available? Also, do you accept foreign currency?

Yes, we accept VISA, GHLink and MasterCard credit/debit cards. We accept US dollars at an approved exchange rate of the centre.

7. If I am admitted to the hospital can a relative stay with me in the hospital during the night?

A relative is permitted to stay along with the patient during nights if patient is admitted in a private room. We have professional caregivers who are always ready to help patients on admission.

8. The doctor has asked me to see a doctor in another department. How should I proceed?

Please approach the Front Desk team with your hospital number and request them for an appointment with the referred doctor.

9. How can I get various investigations/diagnostics tests done?

We have excellent full-fledged laboratory and imaging services available round the clock to carry out various diagnostic tests/investigations. On reaching the hospital, report to the Front Desk, and provide your hospital ID/prescription. The staff shall guide you to the respective testing facility.

10. What are the formalities for lab investigations and will I get a copy of all my investigation reports?

For all tests/investigations, prior payment must be made at the cash counter. Once billing is complete the patient needs to go to the diagnostic centre along with the Doctor’s prescription. The concerned staff will then guide you through the process. If need be an appointment is booked, if the test cannot be done on the same day. After the tests, all reports will be handed over to you.

11. How can I get a medical report?

If you are an out-patient then please request your treating doctor to provide you with the required medical report. You will be required to fill a form at the reception. Medical reports take within 5-7 working days to be ready. For all in-patients a request must be made to the attending doctor or specialist prior to the time of discharge.

12. Will there be a requirement of providing advance payment at the time of admission?

An advance payment is usually collected at the time of the patient's admission to cover his initial estimated hospital expenses. The amount depends on the type of treatment/surgery and also the class of Room selected for stay.

13. I am visiting a friend, but I do not know which ward he is admitted to. What do I do?

You can get the details of your patient from the Ward Reception or the security desk once you arrive at the centre.

14. Are visitors permitted while I am on admission?

For patient safety and comfort we permit visitors only between:

• 6:30 AM – 8:00 AM • 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM • 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Guests are permitted every day of the week.

15. The doctor has asked me to visit him again. What should I do next?

If you are present in the hospital, please make a review appointment at the front desk for the date the doctor has requested otherwise you may call +233-(0)30-708-6490 for booking.

16. Are all the consultants available 24 hours?

General Doctors are available 24 hours a day. Specialists are available only at specified times within the week. You can see more on consultant availability on our services page.

17. Can I see any Specialist without a referral?

For some specialists you are able to schedule appointments without a referral. For efficient consultation sessions some specialties do require a referral letter to aid in explaining patient’s condition to the doctor. These include anaesthesia, gastroenterology, haematology etc.

18. I have specific questions - who can I reach out to?

Phone us on +233-(0)30-708-6490 or send an Email to